We breed our animals with care and dedication

We breed the Limousine cattle breed with care and passion, and they are attentively selected. Our cattle are recorded within the pedigree of the Italian Limousine breed.

The new stall dates back to 2009, and hosts a herd of roughly 70 cows, of which 25 suckling cows that bring forward the lineage cow and calf, with the mount of the bull happens on site. Once born, the calves can stay near their mother cows, all the necessary time for the weaning.


The cattle feeding is principally from hay and corn flour, and is differentiated between suckling cows, and bovine animals fattened. The integration feeding are vegetable based only, and we pay a great attention to their source, and to the nutritional balance needed to feed the cattle. It is of great care to us to follow all steps for the animal benefit, which ultimately results in the products offered to buy at our grocery shop.

The cattle stall is also part of the ‘Consorzio Lombardo Produttori Carni Bovine’ [Lombardy producer consortium of beef], which operates regular food controls that is another quality assurance.

a healthy and genuine nutrition

consisting mainly of hay and corn flour

The managers of the farm branch of the company

Davide –Working here is my passion!

My role is to take care of the cattle stall, of working the land, and I am responsible for the rotations of the crops.
I was born and raised in a family whose tradition was working the land, and since the 1950s has been breeding rare breeds of cattle in Albiate, in Brianza area, North of Milan. I am particularly attentive in the seed selection, its provenance, and in the natural fertilization of the soil, as to obtain first quality grains to be used also to feed the cattle.

Sarbjit – The wellbeing and respect of the animals is very important to me.

I work with Davide in the agricultural side of the farm, and of the cattle. I am traditionally from Punjab, an area of India strongly linked to farming.