we open our yard to families and friends to eat open air

On Saturdays at noon we open our yard to families and friends to eat in open air. Advanced booking is required. We provide all the necessary cutlery, dishes, glasses, and so on, and barbecues. Kindly book your space, table, and grill at 02 55231905 as well as pre-ordering your meat cuts and other food you wish to eat and grill from our shop, meats, cheeses, bread, drinks, ice cream and more for a delicious open air grill lunch. Home foods are not allowed, except for cakes and desserts other than ice cream.

Children are welcome but reccomend constant supervision as they run around the farm and visit the cattle stall and play in the dedicated children’s area.

Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a leash at all time.

Rules and tarifs:

  • The grill can only be used from 12.00 to 15.00.
  • All the tools that you find near the grill need to be used and kept there for the following customer to cook and grill.
  • The use of the grill is exclusively for food bought from the shop.
  • You cannot drink or eat home food.
  • All cutlery, dishes, bread board, glasses needed to set the table are near the tables.
  • When lunch is finished, please bring the dirty dishes to the designated area, and dispose of all rubbish by recycling and, please, clean the table for the next customer.
  • Kindly recycle into plastic, paper, glass, undifferentiated, and food [umido].
  • Tables must be cleared by 17.00 at the latest
  • There is a 3.00 € charge for the cutlery and space. Children under 6 are not charged.
  • On the meats bought for grilling there is a surcharge on the retail price to cover the cost of barbecues maintenance, tools, wood consumption and personnel expenses. All goods not for grilling, i.e. drinks, bread, wine, vegetables etc…, are sold at retail price.
  • We remind you that Gaggioli Farm is a private property, not a public space, and therefore kindly respect all others who live and work there.

Gaggioli Farm is a productive farm, therefore you will find all kind of agricultural machineries and tools. Please do not touch anything as it could be dangerous. Please keep your children with you at all time. Remember that cows are gentle animals but they weight over 1,300 pounds and they could unvoluntarely hurt you if you are too near.