Organic Agricolture

Growing and farming within total respect of the environment

Here at ‘Cascina Gaggioli’, we chose to follow organic farming as we believe it is essential to offer a genuine product which is tasty, but at the same time with a high level of pure and nutritious substances. Because the soil is worked with care, and it is not exploited but respected, therefore it pays you back with healthy products. If ‘we are what we eat’, then our customers can only benefit from consuming our products.

We respect our land, by avoiding the use of chemical products, by rotating the crops, as to allow the soil to become more fertile, and by allowing the areas which are not cultivated to follow the environmental remediation which is needed. If you have time to go for a walk on the farm, you will notice rows of plants, hedges, shrubbery and flowers, which all together allow the appearance of wild animals, otherwise unlikely to be seen near the suburbs of a big town like Milan.


At the moment our crops are

Carnaroli rice, Sant’Andrea rice, Wheat, Hard wheat, polenta corn, protein pea, loaf of hay, meadows

We have a Bio shop on the farm, which sells what we produce, i.e. precious meats, rice, cereals, as well as ‘short chain’ nearby products.

We produce products

fresh, genuine and km 0

We can obtain a good cycle of production by respecting and following the best seeding time, by ploughing, harrowing, and seeding with our cattle stall manure.

New method of farming

During 2017, we have also introduced on our land, a new method of farming which follows the Macrobiotic principle. This means the sowing of a ‘herbarium’ during the autumnal period, which will act as a manure and mulching for the summertime. Herbariums are essential to contain and limit the spread of weed, which are usually treated with chemicals to eradicate them, hence this is impossible and not compatible with organic agriculture. Weed is a main problem in Organic farming.

All our fields, meadows, and land are irrigated from the ‘Naviglio Grande’ river, through the channel ‘Ticinello’.
Water is life, the ground to each living form. Thanks to a long series of channels of water, the totality of land of ‘Cascina Gaggioli’ can be irrigated.