The Shop

Meat, flours, and cereals that we produce

We sell meat, flours, and cereals that we produce. The meat cuts that are offered are worked under extreme care by our shop team, and they do come exclusively from our farm’s breed, Limousine.

We also work and produce to sell dried cured hams, sausages, and specific prepared cuts of beef, pork, and poultry. We also offer a selection of fresh and hard cheeses, both of cow and goat milk.

We also sell Carnaroli type rice, brown rice, wheat and corn flour that come from our organic farmed fields, but also we offer wine, bottled pasta sauces, jams, pasta, olive oils, honey, and many more products from nearby associated farms that also operate Organic farming. We also sell daily fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, and aromatic herbs.

The managers of the Shop

Giancarlo, Samuele -We grew into this section of the farm, that continues to give us passion.

We all come from different studying and working backgrounds, but we love our job here and continue to enrich it with hard work and new ideas. We listen to our clients’ necessities, to tailor our work to their needs, especially for big occasions.