Cascina Gaggioli

Cascina Gaggioli

Cascina Gaggioli


with organic method



We have chosen to follow the organic farming method because we believe it is important to offer a genuine and good product with a high intake of pure nutrients and whose cultivation does not pollute and impoverish the fields.

We give a lot of space and attention to research in order to find the best seeds of hardy varieties, which are not only of good quality but also more resistant in the growing process.
We sow with traditional cultivation methods even if they are supported by increasingly advanced technologies.
Respecting the soil means using natural and not chemically synthesised products, implementing the principle of crop rotation in order to improve soil fertility, and following ‘natural reclamation’ practices in areas that are not cultivated. 

As you walk through our fields, you will notice rows of plants, especially poplars, hedges, flowers and shrubs that allow for a repopulation of wild animals, bees, small insects such as butterflies and fireflies, which are increasingly rare in the suburbs of large cities, but also in intensively cultivated fields. We also give a lot of space and attention to research in order to be able to find the best seeds of hardy varieties, which in addition to being of good quality are more resistant in the growing process. 

We sow using traditional cultivation methods although supported by increasingly advanced technology.

During the autumn period, we sow wheat, barley and protein peas. Spring is the time for sowing rice, maize, sunflower and soya. A good dose of manure from our own barn, ploughing, harrowing and sowing done in compliance with optimal timing and sowing periods, the constant attention not to exploit the land but to respect it, allow us to obtain a healthy and genuine product combined with good yields.


All our land is irrigated. The water used to irrigate our fields comes from the Naviglio Grande following the Ticinello canal.

Water is life, it is the basis of every living thing. Thanks to a long series of channels, we are able to bring this important element to almost all of our land, being able to irrigate what we have sown when necessary. All our agricultural production is regularly controlled and certified by BIOS srl (official certifying body).


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