Cascina Gaggioli

Cascina Gaggioli

Cascina Gaggioli


Direct sale of our own meat, flour and cereals.



In our shop you'll find meat, flour and cereals of our own production. The cuts of meat from our Limousin and Garronese veal calves are exclusively first-class and processed with extreme expertise in the company's own workshop.

We also produce and sell fresh and prepared sausages made from beef, pork and sheep meat. In the fresh food counter, we offer a selection of fresh, semi-mature and mature cheeses made from cow’s and sheep’s milk, as well as a wide selection of cured meats.

On our shelves, in addition to fine, semi-wheat and wholemeal carnaroli rice, wheat flour, maize flour for polenta and rice flour, which come directly from our organic crops, you can find wines, preserves, pasta, oil, honey, jams, baked goods and many products packaged by small agri-food companies in line with our idea of a short supply chain. Every day we offer fresh, seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs.


Discover in detail our fresh over-the-counter products and our packaged products.

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Shop Hours

Wednesday 3pm-7pm Thursday and Friday 9-12.30 15-19 Saturday 9am- 6pm Closed Sundays and public holidays.


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You can see the farmhouse with your own eyes, enjoy country life and buy organic products from our shop. Cascina Gaggioli Via Selvanesco 25, 20141 Milan

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Remarkable variety of meats and vegetables

The range of products on sale is far wider, and the meat itself comes in a remarkable variety of cuts, including some not readily available elsewhere, such as the delicious ganassino or the unknown diaphragm. There is, of course, no shortage of alternative meats such as poultry and rabbits, as well as pork and cured meats. Excellent products from organic crops, from Carnaroli rice (fine, semi-integral, whole) to stone-ground flours-rice, wheat, corn-and much more.
Floriana D.

Quality products

A beautiful, quiet and child-friendly place. We went to the farmhouse store, very good quality products, friendly and welcoming staff!
Nadia B.