Farmhouse Gaggioli

Your farmhouse just a few steps from Milan

Farmhouse Gaggioli, typical structure of a square area is a small cereal-zoo technical farm, with certified organic farming of rice, corn, wheat, other grains, and with cattle breeding. The farm is located within the natural park of ‘ Parco Agricolo Sud Milano’, which is still within Milan boundaries, towards the South, and it is close to the terminus of tramway n.24, which takes you to the centre of Milan, to Piazza Duomo. The farmland covers the area of roughly 60 hectares and the farmhouse’s building is thought to date back to the mid 19th century.

Organic products, hospitality with b&b, cultural and educational activities for adults and children

Organic Agricolture

means cultivating and producing respect for the environment, the producer and the consumer

Here at ‘Farmhouse Gaggioli’, we chose to follow organic farming as we believe it is essential to offer a genuine product which is tasty, but at the same time with a high level of pure and nutritious substances. Because the soil is worked with care, and it is not exploited but respected, therefore it pays you back with healthy products. We have a Bio shop on the farm, which sells what we produce.


Organic Breeding

we breed in full respect of the Limousine cattle breed.

We breed the Limousine cattle breed with care and passion, and they are attentively selected. Our cattle are recorded within the pedigree of the Italian Limousine breed. The new stall dates back to 2009, and hosts a herd of roughly 70 cows, of which 25 suckling cows that bring forward the lineage cow and calf, with the mount of the bull happens on site.


The Shop

In the shop we sell that we produce

We sell meat, flours, and cereals that we produce. We also work and produce to sell dried cured hams, sausages, and specific prepared cuts of beef, pork, and poultry. We also offer a selection of fresh and hard cheeses, both of cow and goat milk.


Farmhouse B&B

you will find all the ancient and refined charm of Milanese farmhouses

Completely restored with the latest materials, Farmhouse Gaggioli has all the ancient and refined charm of the Milanese farmhouses. Typical buildings from regular red bricks have been used as bedrooms and a studio apartment with kitchenette to offer guests the option of overnight stay and breakfast.



Stop looking, relaxed and you know

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