Cascina Gaggioli is a typical farm in the fruitful plain of Lombardy.

It is located into the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano and covers a surface of about 44 well-watered hectares.

The farm, in its present shape, dates back to middle ‘800, as testified by the dates engraved on a large number of granite handiwork, used as water intake for the several meadow of this area.

The original structure is certainly older. Already in the 1200 all the area around Selvanesco, where the farm stands, was belonging to the Torrianis, lords of Milano. They ordered the building of Ticinello canal to make farming easy and fruitful, and it is still used today for this purpose.

All the buildings and sheds overlooks the farmyard, the life centre on the farm.

The whole complex is surrounded by fields, cultivated following biological agriculture methods.

This farming provides fodder for the cattle, rice, wheat, corn for ‘polenta’, available at the farm shop.

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