a small cereal-zoo technical farm, with certified organic farming

Our farmhouse, is a small cereal-zoo technical farm, with certified organic farming of rice, corn, wheat, other grains, and with cattle breeding. The farm is located within the natural park of ‘ Parco Agricolo Sud Milano’, which is still within Milan boundaries, towards the South, and it is close to the terminus of tramway n.24, which takes you to the centre of Milan, to Piazza Duomo.

The farmland covers the area of roughly 60 hectares, all of them irrigated. The farmhouse presents the typical structure of a square area which acts as a farmyard, onto which all buildings face, such as the bed and breakfast, the grocery shop, the workshops, so that the yard becomes the centre of activities of the farm. Along the East side of the yard, the building hosts a long portico denominated ‘Barchessa’, with a typical red roof tiles, which acts as a living area all through autumn and early spring and summer, with events such as birthday parties, Saturday grill parties, and evening drinks.

The farmhouse’s building is thought to date back to the mid 19th century, as testified by the inscriptions on the granite plinths that flanked the water intake for the ‘ marcite ’, a traditional method of irrigation of the land around Lombardy, which allowed water to reach the land all through the year by using natural sloping grounds. The area around the farm was already inhabited and farmed around the 13th century. It belonged to the Torriani noble family, who irrigated the area by building the channel ‘Ticinello ’, still used until nowadays for this use.

Just outside the yard, there is the cattle stall, where we breed the cattle ‘Limousine’, and all around the farmland extends into fields with different farming products and rotation of the crops all through the year.

What we offer

We offer Organic farming with direct sale of Organic meat, rice, wheat flour, corn flour, honey, vegetables, and other products from the farm.

Farmhouse with B&B service.

we organize barbecues, aperitifs, snacks

for our many visitors